Starbucks "A Moment of Merry"

The holidays are here! I had the unique pleasure of directing this year's campaign for Starbucks. Below are three charming broadcast ads that celebrate the release of the iconic Starbucks holiday cup designs.

At The Mill, we combined Live-Action, CGI, and Motion Graphics to create this vibrant journey through the Starbucks "Merry Universe". Extra whip anyone?
"The Adventures of Dot"
"A Very Joyful Journey"

Studio: The Mill
Director: Donnie Bauer
Director of Photography: Travis Rathbone
Line Producer: Martha English
Producer: Grace Tober
Production Coordinator: Esther Montgomery
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
2D Lead Artist: Blake Druery
3D Lead Artist: Seon Crawford
2D Artist: Krissy Nordella, Joseph Yoon, Heather Kennedy Eck, Yongjae Lee, Hailey Akashian
3D Artist: Billy Jang, Dave Barosin, Harlan Qui, Jonathan Lee, Pegah Naserifar
Design Lead: James van den Elsout
Designers: Austin Marola, John Magbanua
Previs Team: Scott McGinley, Jeff Lopez, Tyler Scheitlin, Taylor McDade
Animation: Navdeep Signh, Jeff Lopez
3D Tracking Lead: Murali Krishna Reddy
3D Tracking: Sanjey Arvindh, Sriram Namana, Verru Ramesh
Pitch Team: Taylor McDade, Max Fedore, Alex Clark, John Singer
Editors: Leanne Belgiorno, Brad Turner, Al Benoit
Colourist: Mikey Rossiter
Finish Artist: Justin Keil​​​​​​​
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