Starbucks "Carry the Merry"
Nothing gets you into the Holiday spirit like a delicious seasonal beverage from Starbucks. The highly anticipated lineup of hot (and cold!) beverages are now here. To celebrate them, we created this charming little family of ads that feature the carefully crafted cup designs while bringing to life the warmth and sparkle of the Holiday season.

At The Mill, we combined Live-Action, CGI, and Motion Graphics to showcase the iconic Starbucks seasonal beverages as you've never seen them before. From sketches, style frames, animation, and FX simulations - we had a blast creating this "Merry Universe" of art. Take a look :)
Client: Starbucks Creative Studio
Agency: Big Spaceship
Studio: The Mill
Director: Donnie Bauer
Director of Photography: Steve Giralt
Line Producer: Martha English
Producer: Esther Montgomery, Grace Tober
2D Lead Artist: Blake Druery
CG Lead Artist: Rune Mansson
Design Lead: James van den Elsout
2D Artists: Taner Besen, Yongae Lee, Alexis Jo
CG Artists: Dave Barosin, Pegah Naserifar, Arman Matin, Grace Hwang, Daishi Takishima, Arsen Arzumanyan, Christopher Leone, Matthew Connolly
Designers: Luis Roca, Zach Landua, Seba Morales, Miguel Rato
Editor: Leanne Belgiorno
Colourist: Mikey Rossiter

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