Mitsubishi e-Evolution

I had the pleasure of animating on this stylish concept car reveal for Mitsubishi. I joined the team at Digital Kitchen to help bring to life a series of high-energy shots that best showcase this car's advanced technologies.​​​​​​​

Studio: Digital Kitchen
Executive Producer: Blake Nickle
Associate Producer: Sam Clark
Creative Direction: Ryan Summers, Cody Tilson
Art Direction: Cody Tilson
Storyboards: Cody Tilson, Ryan Summers, Anthony Palermo
Previs: Donnie Bauer, Ryan Summers, Ryan Duff
Look Dev: Anthony Palermo, Patrick Coleman, Krzys Pianko, Brian Smith
CG Animation: Donnie Bauer
HUD/Type Animation: Jason Esser
Effects: Donnie Bauer, Ryan Summers
CG Compositing: Anthony Palermo, Patrick Coleman, Krzys Pianko, Brian Smith, Ryan Duff
Matte Painting: Heather Abels
Live Action Compositing: Revolt Studios
Editing: Mike Radtke, Ryan Summers
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