Hellion Cold Brew "Wowoo!"

I directed these ads for my good friends over at Metric Coffee ahead of their highly anticipated cold brew aptly titled... Hellion!

These two ads were shot on a small stage over one day. In post, I led a small team as we dialed up some extremely punchy cel animation to help punctuate the blast you experience from Metric's cold brew. We fed the photoshop cel animation sequences into CG to render out the gold finish. Each shot was composited and graded inside Nuke for this stylized and unique look.
Hellion Cold Brew "Give ‘em the Horns!"

Director: Donnie Bauer & Mark Pallman
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Cel Animation: Sunmin Park
Editor: David Burkart
Compositing: Donnie Bauer
Colour Grade: Donnie Bauer
Music for "Wowoo!": Composed by Jay Ervin Joseph Gemkow
Music for "Give 'em the Horns!": "Ashtray" by Lindsay Lowend
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