Justin's  "The Great Outdoors" & "Positive Vibes"

Justin’s brand from a visual standpoint is much like the ingredients listed on the back of their products; minimal and honest. We honored that ethos as we developed and evolved the Justin’s world. The addition of CG product, ingredients, and environments opens a labyrinth of doors for Justin’s to walk through. Doors that lead to new storytelling solutions. Doors that lead to beautiful, craveable peanut butter cups and nut butters. And ultimately, doors that led to a new audience.

Justin's  "Peanut Butter" & "Almond Butter"
VFX Creative: The Mill
Creative Directors: Donnie Bauer & Matt Darnall
Producer: James Babiarz
2D Artists: Jamie Beckwith, Paul Rosckes, Mark Anderson, Jason Bergman & Matthew Dobrez
3D Artists: Anil Sarki, Kanishk Chauhan, Andrez Aguayo, Ramki T, Mari Chung, Dinesh B & Sivasubramanian
Design: Zach Landua, Devin Hayes, Tyler Scheitlin, Liam Ward, James Levy, Pedro Murteira, Davis Nelson,
Editors: Charlotte Carr & Al Benoit
Colourist: Oisin O'Driscoll
Colour Assists: Cassie Benedict 

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