Corona Hard Seltzer "Excite" Lime

The “Excite” films are all about that refreshing rush of the Corona Hard Seltzer you experience as soon as you snap into one. From the moment you crack into this can you are transported from the mundane through a vivacious journey packed with flavor and reflections of rich sensorial beach experiences.
Corona Hard Seltzer "Excite" Blackberry
Corona Hard Seltzer Holiday
Production: The Mill 
Director: Donnie Bauer
Senior Producer: Darci Dunnagan
Line Producer: Brooke Gaston  
Director of Photography: Dan Frantz 
Shoot Supervisor: Paul Downes 
Editor: Charlotte Carr
Edit Assist: Chris Owsiany 

VFX Creative: The Mill
Creative Director: Donnie Bauer
Producer: Georgia Hammond
2D Lead Artist: Paul Downes
2D Artist: Ant Walsham
Design: Sara Kopke 
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll
Colour Assist: Cassie Benedict 
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