Spectrum Enterprise "We Believe"

I directed this design-driven ad that highlights the digital infrastructure initiative from Spectrum Enterprise. Along with a team of animators, I developed this seamless journey connecting campuses, theaters, and city grids. I hope you like BLUE... cause there's a lot of it here. Go Internet!

Director: Donnie Bauer
Executive Producer: Addie Pampalone
Producers: Erica Hilbert, Gina Giambalvo, Matthew Engel
Editor: Charlotte Carr
Edit Assist: Al Benoit
Design/Animation: Zach Landua, Joe Lawrence, Brody Davis, Donnie Bauer, Bryan Coleman, Tyler Scheitlin, Matthew Butler, Ryan Bute, Anzie Yoon Ji Lee
FX Artist: Dustin Tarr
2D Lead Artist: Jamie Beckwith, Cory Davis
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